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Refinance your home with flexible mortgage programs

Refinance your mortgage and lower your interest rate, pay off debt, and give yourself some peace of mind. At Franklin First Financial, it's easy to do. We have a family of refinance products and you're sure to find the right loan to suit your financial needs. Check out our featured refinance products below:

With the low rate Franklin First gave us on our home equity loan, we not only added on a new room, but we're finally able to take our honeymoon, too!
Loan Purpose:
Loan Amount:

Loan Options
Fixed-Rate Mortgage A traditional fixed-rate mortgage for homeowners who are looking to refinance and get payment security.
FHA Loan Refinance an adjusting ARM with very little home equity or get cash out of your home up to 95% of your home's value.
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Refinance to a low rate and lower monthly payment. Choose a 3, 5, or 7 year ARM.
Jumbo Loan For homeowners looking to refinance over $417,000. Fixed-rate, ARM & interest-only choices available.
FHA 203k Loan Improve the value of your house by receiving up to 110% of the "as completed" value.
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