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  "I was maxed to the limit on all my credit cards, and could have lost my home. Thinking FIRST gave me the way to get out of debt, and rebuilt my credit."

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Why is my credit report reviewed? Fixed or Adjustable Rate? What is an FHA Loan?
A credit report tells loan history, amount of credit available, and employer history. It's the first step to completing your home loan. The answer depends on your situation. Fixed rates offer long term commitment, while an adjustable rate provides a lower initial interest rate. An FHA Loan is sponsored by the goverment to insure single family and multifamily homes. Requires very little cash investment and strict underwriting guidelines.

Popular Programs

FHA Loan
Loan Modification
30 Year Fixed Rate
Refinance an adjustable rate mortgage into a government insured fixed rate FHA loan. Low down payments make it perfect for the first time home buyer. Loan Modifications prevent foreclosure and allow borrowers to stay in their home. Franklin First Attorney's negotiate with your bank for you. Borrowers with excellent credit, job stability with sufficient income, and a sizable down payment are rewarded with low interest rates.
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